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Talking tables - Help your children learn their tables with these files which can be used in an mp3 player or used to create a CD for sleep learning. Alternatively you can purchase a ready made dual purpose Audio/Data CD which can be played in a normal CD player or used in a computer. It also contains the mp3 versions and some appropriate Freeware software. More details and 'Buy now from e-Bay' here.

Education Otherwise - While we wait for a space to be available for our son at the local school we are educating him at home. This section has some free worksheets

For Author's

A free book on getting published. 'So You've Written a Book?' by John Chapman (Free until I finish the new version) Right click these and choose Save link as...

Kindle version (.mobi) 8.2Mb| Sony/Nook version (epub) 4.4Mb

Word 2010 book template | Smashwords fiction template | Smashwords non-fiction template

PowerPoint files

Creating a database (ppt 1.1MB)
simple Access database
Creating a web page graphic (ppt 1.1MB)
making a composite image by cutting, pasting as new layer and using the clone tool.
Making mistakes in PowerPoint (ppt 660KB)
a guide to what to avoid in PowerPoint - lots of examples showing what not to do!


Medicine Man (mp3 229KB) (Click to play it, right click to download)
A modified clip from "Ray's Arrival" designed to act as a ringtone. Starts off fairly quiet but gets much louder if you don't answer. Get the full soundtrack here - Medicine Man Soundtrack USAmazon - Medicine Man UKAmazon.
Sibelius Symphony3 (mp3 970KB) (Click to play it, right click to download)
Sibelius Symphony Number 3 (1st movement) modified as a ringtone.
Eliza Aria (mp3 265KB) (Click to play it, right click to download)
The music from the Lloyds bank TV advert modified as a ringtone. It gets progressively louder if you ignore it. Get the CD containing this aria here - Wild Swans [Soundtrack]
Hexham Quadrill (midi 4.9K) An unusual ringtone played on the Northumbrian pipes.


HeavyPlantCrossing.jpg - The sign got me thinking and a little tinkering with PaintShop Pro lead to...


Two pedigree chart files are available a simple chart and an advanced one which uses Ajax. See also the genealogy tutorials at genlinks.

Northumbrian Pipes

A page of resources for Northumbrian pipers including some very old booklets.

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Alternative Links

The free alternative to PowerPoint is Impress - Part of Open Office. (Yes - it will open PowerPoint files)

Download it here

Want to make your own ringtones?

You'll need Audacity. Download it free here You'll also need the LAME encoder from here