Scrapbook Page for John Robinson Chapman

John Robinson Chapman 1922

Picture taken Sept 14 1922 by Browns, a professional photographer in Newcastle on Tyne and sent as a postcard to him while staying at 2 Croft Cottage, Dolgazzog, North Wales. Age 1 year 11 months

John Robinson Chapman on first leave after joining up.

It was the custom for soldiers to have their photographs taken on joining the army. This picture was taken in JRC's first leave.

A chalk sketch of John Robinson Chapman

A fellow soldier did this pencil and chalk sketch of my father. My mother disliked it and my father didn't think it was up to much but he never threw it away and it was passed on to me.

John Robinson Chapman WW2 a picture sent to Eleanor Vera Marr

On the back of this picture are the words 'With all my love Forever yours John'

John Robinson Chapman in full kit

Not sure when this was taken but I presume it was in the training camp WW2

The first picture in Egypt

First camel rider on the left is John Robinson Chapman. Picture taken in WW1 soon after arriving in Egypt

John Robinson Chapman on leave in Alexandria during WW2

John Robinson Chapman (far right) back at the pyrimids

A much later picture taken during WW2. Notice the medal braids. No idea about the other two.

Wedding picture of John Robinson Chapman and Eleanor Vera Marr

From left to right are: groom's father Frederick George Chapman, the best man, Marion Chapman, JR Chapman, Vera Chapman (nee Marr), bridesmaid Margaret Chapman, bride's mother Margaret Isabella Marr and bride's brother John Marr who gave the bride away.

The Chapman family at Thrush Hall Farm

In 1957 the family moved from Newcastle on Tyne to Thrush Hall farm about two miles from the village of Carrshield in Northumberland.

This picture was taken at the end of a day working in the hayfield at Thrush Hall Farm. Left to right: John Robinson Chapman (1), Eleanor Vera Chapman (3), Margaret Isabel Chapman and John Robinson Chapman snr (2). Picture taken about 1963

John and Vera divorced in 1969. The farm was sold about two years later and later became Throstle Hole Priory, a Buddist Monastery.

John Robinson Chapman age 58

Picture taken 18th April 1979 in Hexham Northumberland

John R Chapman Victory Day

JRChapmanVEdayOn the back is written: 'On the palestine coast on victory day. I was not prepared for this snap so don't blame me if you think Im standing like an amateur Tarzan'