The Marr/Hall/Foggan Family Photograph Album


When my Aunt Dorothy (Dora) Nettleton - Nee Marr died a large, leather bound photograph album was passed on to me. The album was originally the posession of my great aunt Eleanor (Nellie) Hall. She was the daughter of my Great Grandmother Margaret Ann Dixon by her second husband. Margaret Ann's first husband was Robert Foggan, a boot and shoe manufacturer and leather merchant of Bedlington, Northumberland, England. Robert died at the early age of 30 on 17 Jan 1879.

The family album contains photographs from the Hall, Marr, Foggan, Morell, I'anson and Steele families. The photographs shown here are in the original order as they appeared in the album. Where possible the pictures have been identified using information from Dora Nettleton and also by my mother's cousin Mae. A number of pictures remain unidentified however.

Dating old photographs

In the 1840s and 1850s men’s suits were worn tight and fitted close to the body. Women wore close fitting garments on the top half of their body while skirts were full, giving a smooth bell shape.
In the late 1850s suits became looser fitting with wider sleeves and legs
Hats in the 1860s had a curved brim. Women wore crinolines- close fitting bodice and full skirt. Hairstyle was plain, parted in the middle and often worn in a bun.
From 1865 the lounge suit, characterised by deep cuffs was popular.
In the 1870s tighter suits were again the norm but this time often double-breasted. Women started wearing a bustle
From 1880 to the late 1890s straight narrow suits were in fashion. Bustles were worn high in the small of the back. Corsets were worn tightly.
In the late 1890s a baggier suit was popular with men while women’s corsets created a heavy busted S-shaped stance.
From 1908 a close fitting dress with a long hobble skirt, narrowed at the ankles was popular. Hats were huge.

Of course these statements apply to those who closely followed the fashion of the age. It’s possible that the person in the photograph was a little behind the times!


We think this is Dorathy Foggan

Picture taken at Bedlington Art Studios

Margaret Hall formerly Foggan

Ethell or Esther Morrell?

On the back of this photograph, taken at ‘Maybury 32 Northumberland Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne’ is written in pencil ‘8967 Morrell E’

Ethell – accountant to May – Brenda (married May’s son Bob)

Dora Nettleton (Marr) once identified this picture , taken at ‘Maybury 32 Northumberland Street, Newcastle-on- Tyne’, as Ethell Morrell a cousin of her mother. I don’t know how the Morrells fit into the family however.


Eleanor ‘Nellie’ Hall The original owner of the photograph album.

Picture taken at ‘Maybury 32 Northumberland Street, Newcastle-on- Tyne’

On the back is written in pencil ‘10064 Hall’

Aunty Dora thought this was possibly Robert Foggan.

The picture was taken by T Blacklock of Bedlington

Jane Steel nee Foggan

Robert Steel son of  Jane Steel

On the back is the number 86420

Picture taken at Liverpool

Jane Steel nee Foggan

Aunty Dora said she ran a leather

              merchant’s shop in Jarrow             

Picture taken in Newcastle

Badly faded picture taken by J Hunter of 76 Blenheim St, Newcastle on Tyne

Picture taken at T. Blaclock, Vulcan Place, Bedlington. Could this be a Foggan?

The outside edge of this picture was cut off to make it fit in the album so I can’t say where it was taken. On the back is written in pencil ‘Aunt Maggie’.

Aunty Dora thought it was Ethel Morrell a cousin of her grandmother on the Foggan side with her mother, seated, and father

Aunty Dora said this was Great Aunt Alice I'Anson, her mother’s sister with her son Fred. Fred grew up to be an electrical fitter and was killed at work.

Fred was killed in an accident at the English Electric Company's Willans works in Rugby on 15 August 1952 when some heavy machinery fell on him. - Mike I'Anson (grandson)

On the back is written in pencil ‘8549 Jameson’ I presume this is meant to be I'Anson
Alice Foggan and children Fred and May

Mike I'Anson sent me the picture above to add to the album. It shows Alice I'Anson (Nee Foggan) with her children Fred and May

 May’s brother – Killed in a steel works accident approx 1950 - Brenda

Aunty Dora identified this as her cousin John Thomas Ironson who married

Aunt Alice Hall. Known as Thomas. The picture was taken on his 21st birthday about 1925. Picture taken at South Shields.  On the back is the code 1011P written in pencil

Spelt I’Anson

May’s D.O.B 29/05/1910

Fred about 2 years younger - Brenda

Charles Gullen Marr with his wife Margaret Isabella (Foggan) and Aunty Dora (Dorathy Ann)and Uncle Jack (John Robert). Picture taken about 1901 by W.W. Hall of 57 Shields Rd, Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne

No idea who this is but the picture was taken in Derby

Picture taken in Newcastle

Aunty Dora said this was Dorathy Foggan

Robert Foggan, Dorathy’s husband

Jane, Aunty Dora’s aunt

Tom Ironson

Possibly Dorathy Foggan?

Robert Foggan?

Picture taken at T. Blaclock, Vulcan Place, Bedlington.

Believed to be the in-laws of Nellie Hall

On the right is Joe Askew who married Nellie Hall with his brother, name unknown

We presume these are Foggan boys

believed to be Tom I’Anson

Yes – Bob’s Grandfather Died aged 60 @ 1930s - Brenda

Joe Askew

Picture taken by William Co??? of Black???

John Robert (Jack) Marr

Dorothy Ann (Dora) Marr


Tom I’Anson

Nellie Hall


Great Aunt Jane with her father ? Hall

Picture taken in Jarrow between 1877 and 1906

Charles Gullon Marr’s father James?


Has 20.234 written on the back in pencil. Taken at ‘AD Lewis’  5 Hinde Street, Newcastle on Tyne

Taken at ‘AD Lewis’  5 Hinde Street, Newcastle on Tyne

Aunty dora’s cousin Dorathy, daughter of Jack, on her father’s side. Picture taken in Newcastle

Arthur Nettleton’s sister. Picture taken in Newcastle

Child is possibly Alice or Margaret Isabella Foggin. Adult is possibly Margaret Ann Foggan nee Dixon. Aunty Dora recognised the ornaments on the mantelpiece as belonging to her grandmother

Eleanor Vera Marr had them in her bedroom when she was a teenager. Child probably Alice.