Ancestors of John Robinson Chapman


64. John Chapman

Tombstones in Gainford parish Churchyard - Underneath a large tree.

Sacred to the memory of John Chapman of Alwent, late of Headlam in the county of Durham, Who died the 20th day of February 1849 Aged 81 years

Beneath this stone are interred the mortal remains of Joseph Chapman the 4th and youngest son of John & Mary Chapman of Headlam. He departed this life on the 6th day of October 1828 aged 27 years.
And of the above named Mary Chapman who deceased on the 1st day of November 1830, in the 68th year of her life. And, also of George, the son of the above named John & Mary Chapman He died on the 29th day of May 1836, aged 36 years.

On rear -
This inscription is in memory of Margaret, youngest child of John and Mary Chapman. She departed this life at Kilburn Priory, on the 4th day of August 1836, aged almost 32 years and was interred in the cemetary at Kensal Green, both in the county of Middlesex.

His family seems to have rented a farm from the Maire family of Lartington (The Maire's were Roman Catholic) Rent was £27 5s 0d per Annum - substantial at that time.

The entry of baptism for his daughter Margaret is the key to the discovery of his birthplace.

Around 1800 he moved to Hedlam Hall (also rented from the Maire family) and ran a 'School for the sons of gentlemen'. By 1834 the Headlam Directory listed 'Geo. Beechcroft esq. Headlam Hall (gentleman)' indicating John had moved from Headlam Hall to a house in Headlam rented from William Clarke
In 1839 the Headlam tithe plan lists:
Landowner Occupier No. on Name & descript. State of Quant. in
plan of land & premis. cult. stat. meas.
Clarke William John Chapman 98 Garden 1 23
99 Yards 17
100 House & gardn. 12
102 Garth grass 1 3 30
2 2 2

By 1840 he had purchased the Alwent Hall estate. In the gainford tithe plan of that year can be found the quote:
"...and that the Rev. Fredric Mundy who as rector of the parish of Winstone in the said County of Durham is owner of all the tithes arising from a portion of a certain farm and the lands in the said township of Gainford called Alwent and in the occupation of Wm. Emmerson and Lynn asd tennants thereof of John Chapman and another (see below) which farm contains by estimation four hundred and twenty eight acres measured of the second part.
And that the annual sum of nine pounds and two shillings by way of rent charge subject to the provisions of the said act shall be paid to the said Frederick Mundy and his sucessors as rector of the said parish of Winstone instead of all the tithes, moduces and prescriptive or customaryor customary payments payable in respect of a portion of the said farm and lands called Alwent Farm in the said township of Gainford and Parish of Winstone of which farm John Chapman is the owner and WIlliam Emmerson is occupier as before mentioned.
And it is further agreed that the lands included in this agreement shall be discharged from the payment of tithes except as excepted in the said at from the first day of January next.
A modus or customary payment of ten shillings is payable in lieu of all the tithes arousing from Alwent Mill."

The 1840 Tithe map for Gainford shows Alwent Hall being numbers 33 to 48, 52, 54 to 56. Alwent Mill is listed as 49 to 51 and 57. Hodgeson Emmerson is listed as tennant at Alwent Hall and John Chisman as the miller.

After 1840, he moved to Alwent Hall a farm of 428 acres to the northwest of Gainford. The Alwent estate also contained a watermill which may have been the place where Richard Wilson Chapman, his grandson, learnt his trade as a miller.

In his will he mentions he intends to move from Headlam to Alwent Hall after evicting his tennant Hodgson Emmerson.

He left £50 per year to his son John Robinson Chapman and £10 per year to Richard Wilson Chapman.
The bulk of his estate was left to his daughter Mary to be held for 8 years then turned over to his grandson William (the son of John Robinson Chapman). He died 1849 aged 81 years.

In 1856 Whellans Directory sheds some light on the 'and another' mentioned above:
1856 Parish of Gainford - William Chapman, Farmer, Alwent Hall
Miss Mary Chapman, Inhabitant
Alwent: A little to the south of Selby. Contains about 310 acres and was anciently held by a family
bearing the local name. It passed at an early period to the Nevilles & afterwards to the Brackenburies,
Marshalls, Thompsons and others. It is now held by the trustees of the late Earl of Strathmore and
John Chapman. Esq.

In 1894 Whellands Directory listed:
Gainford township, which gives name to the parish has an area of 2274 acres, held chiefly by Lord
Barnard, John F Elliot esq., TP Elliot esq., Henry Kitchening. esq., CR Moorson esq., and the
Chapman executors.

Still to check on are the following documents in Durham County Record Office:
Ref. No D/HH 3
Catalogue Title Hanby Holmes
Category Business and Industry Records (Solicitors)
Size (kB) 206
Type Catalogue
Catalogue Description


Ref No. D/HH 3/1/24/2
(1) John Chapman of Headlam, schoolmaster
(2) James Faith and Henry Gloucester, both of Trinidad
(3) William Mackintosh of Trinidad, merchant
Draft power of attorney whereby (1) authorises (2) to collect debt owed by (3) for the education of his sons
(1 file)

Ref No. D/HH 3/1/26/9
13 May 1825
(1) John Chapman of Headlam, gentleman
(2) George Burn of Cotherston, butcher
Draft conveyance by (1) to (2) of a customary messuage on the north side of Cotherstone
Consideration: £186 18s.
(1 file)

Ref No. D/HH 3/1/26/10
13 May 1825
(1) John Chapman of Headlam, gentleman
(2) Charles Jopling of Westminster, gentleman
Draft conveyance by (1) to (2) of customary lands (Lead Pipe Close and Beckland Ridges) at Cotherstone, Yorks.
Consideration: £445
(1 file)

Ref No. D/HH 3/1/26/11
13 May 1825
(1) John Chapman
(2) Joshua Rudd of Barnard Castle, shoemaker
Draft conveyance by (1) to (2) of a customary parcel of land (South-Westward Close), Cotherstone, Yorks.
Consideration: £138 12s.
(1 file)

Apprenticeship and Employment

Ref No. D/HH 3/8/82
23 October 1817
(1) Margaret Adamthwaite of Bowes, Yorks., widow; John Chapman of Headlam, schoolmaster; Richard Lamb of Barnard Castle, surgeon; Richard Wilson of Bowes, Clerk (executors of John Adamthwaite)
(2) Henry Raisbeck of Wooden Croft Lodge, Yorks., schoolmaster
Draft agreement for (2) to continue the school at Bowes on behalf of (1) for a term of 7 years. (2) covenants to devote his full time to the school, and not to open a similar establishment within a 30 miles radius of Bowes during the term or for three years thereafter
Consideration: £100 p.a. salary to (2)
(1 file)

(see also D/HH 5/ for other Strathmore material)

Table of Contents

Ref No. D/HH 4/1/294
Admittance of John Chapman, as alienee of William Vasey and others, to a messuage and garth on the north side of Cotherstone, 6 October 1801
(parchment, l membrane)

65. Mary Robinson

mary moved to Romaldkirk when her parents died in 1779 and 1782

72. Benjamin Walker

MARRIAGE: Two marriages to the same person? Edmonbyers and Bishop Middleham. Worth Checking.

110. William Stephenson

Occupation Yeoman farmer of Linhirst (now Lynhurst)

112. John FOGGAN

Birth-Eglingham P.R.; death-gravestone, Rothbury churchyard;
general-Rothbury P.R.; see marriage record for link to Eglingham

1805 - butcher, living at Rothbury 2 SOUR S6

113. Jane SLATER

living at Whitton at time of marriage 2 SOUR S6