Anne Murray

Anne Murray was born on 20 June, 1945 in Springhill, Nova Scotia Canada and owes her musical influences to the pop sounds her parents listened to and the Top 40 sounds she listened to on AM New York radio stations (Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Brenda Lee). Her original intention was to work as a physical-education instructor. She even graduated from college and became a high school physical education teacher but still pursued her interest in music. Although she was turned down for a spot on a national TV show, she did make an impression and two years later, she received a call from the show's producer who offered her a chance to make records. She soon found herself releasing the album, 'What About Me' which generated the hit single 'Snowbird' in 1970

Following the success of 'Songbird', for a while Anne moved to Los Angeles, where she regularly appeared on Glen Campbell's syndicated television show. However, she didn't care for the Californian lifestyle, and quickly returned to Canada. Her next few titles were not a great success, only 'A Stranger in My Place' reached the Top 40. A cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "Cotton Jenny" in early 1972 returned her to the higher regions of the country Top 40, climbing to number 11. Its follow-up "Danny's Song" became a Top Ten hit on both the pop and country charts in early 1973. Following two minor country hits, she returned to the Top Ten early in 1974 with "Love Song." The single was followed by two Top Ten country hits, the number one 'He Thinks I Still Care' and 'Son of a Rotten Gambler'.

Despite her success, when she got married in 1975, she seemingly dropped out of the music world. It was not until her family was established that she started working again in 1978 with a new producer, Jim Ed Norman. Jim returned her to prominence with 'Walk Right Back' and the million seller 'You Needed Me'.

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Anne Murray - Love Songs
Love Songs
  1. What's Forever For
  2. You're a Part of Me
  3. Dreamlover
  4. Tennessee Waltz
  5. Just To Feel This Love From You
  6. Only Love
  7. He's Not You (He Can't Help It)
  8. We Don't Make Love Anymore
  9. Beginning To Feel Like Home
  10. You're A Part of Me
  11. It Should Have Been Easy

Anne Murray - An Intimate Evening With Anne Murray
An Intimate Evening With Anne Murray

  1. Time Don't Run Out On Me
  2. Shame On Me
  3. That's The Way Love Goes
  4. A Love Song
  5. Save The Last Dance For Me
  6. Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye
  7. Insensitive
  8. Snowbird
  9. Croonin' Medley
  10. What Would It Take
  11. You Needed Me
  12. Could I Have This Dance
  13. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

Anne Murray - The Best So Far
The Best So Far
  1. Snowbird
  2. Now And Forever (You and Me)
  3. Danny's Song
  4. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
  5. A Love Song
  6. Time Don't Run Out On Me
  7. You Won't See Me
  8. Just Another Woman In Love
  9. You Needed Me
  10. A Little Good News
  11. I Just Fall In Love Again
  12. Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye
  13. Broken Hearted Me
  14. Could I Have This Dance
  15. Daydream Believer
  16. Another Sleepless Night
  17. Shadows In The Moonlight
  18. Blessed Are The Believers
  19. Make Love To Me
  20. Over You

Anne Murray - I'll Be Seeing You
I'll Be Seeing You
  1. All of Me
  2. As Time Goes By
  3. Dream A Little Dream of Me
  4. I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now
  5. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
  6. Over the Rainbow
  7. Twilight Time
  8. My Buddy
  9. After You've Gone
  10. What'll I Do
  11. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  12. Smile
  13. You Made Me Love You
  14. I'll Be Seeing You
  15. We'll Meet Again

Anne Murray - Now And Forever Box Set
Now and Forever Box Set

Disc: 1

  1. Little Bit of Soap
  2. Last Thing on My Mind
  3. What About Me
  4. Just Bidin' My Time
  5. Snowbird
  6. Rain
  7. Put Your Hand in the Hand
  8. It Takes Time
  9. Sing High, Sing Low
  10. Stranger in My Place
  11. Talk It Over in the Morning
  12. Cotton Jenny
  13. Canadian Sunset
  14. Robbie's Song For Jesus
  15. Drown Me
  16. Danny's Song
  17. He Thinks I Still Care
  18. Love Song
  19. Another Pot O' Tea
  20. Please Don't Sell Nova Scotia
  21. Call
  22. You Won't See Me

Disc: 2

  1. Snowbird
  2. Million More
  3. Stars Are the Windows of Heaven
  4. Walk Right Back
  5. You Needed Me
  6. I Still Wish the Very Best For You
  7. Shadows in the Moonlight
  8. You've Got What it Takes
  9. Yucatan Cafe
  10. I Just Fall in Love Again
  11. Daydream Believer
  12. Broken Hearted Me
  13. Wintery Feeling
  14. Moon Over Brooklyn
  15. Nevertheless (I'm in Love With You)
  16. Could I Have This Dance
  17. Blessed Are the Believers
  18. Another Sleepless Night
  19. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
  20. We Don't Have to Hold Out
  21. Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye
  22. Song for the Mira

Disc: 3

  1. Unchained Melody
  2. Heaven Is Here
  3. Lonely But Only for You
  4. Little Good News
  5. Just Another Woman in Love
  6. Sentimental Favorite
  7. Time Don't Run Out on Me
  8. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
  9. Now and Forever (You and Me)
  10. Are You Still in Love With Me
  11. Flying on Your Own
  12. If I Ever Fall in Love Again
  13. Wrong End of the Rainbow
  14. Feed This Fire
  15. I Can See Arkansas
  16. Si Jamais Je Te Revois (If I Ever See You Again)
  17. You Sure Know How to Make a Memory
  18. Allengheny Moon
  19. Hey There
  20. Moments to Remember

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