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In the course of constructing websites, we listen to a lot of midi files. It seems that no sooner does a memorable film come out, than everyone rushes to buy the movie soundtrack Here are some of our favourites.
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The Film Music of John Barry
  1. James Bond Theme (Dr. No)
  2. Born Free
  3. Fun City
  4. The Lion In Winter
  5. We Have All The Time In The World
  6. Wednesday's Child
  7. From Russia With Love
  8. Space March (from "You Only Live Twice")
  9. The Wrong Box
  10. The Ipcress File
  11. Thunderball
  12. The Chase
  13. The Knack And How To Get It
  14. The Whisperers
  15. King Rat
  16. Next Time
  17. Goldfinger
Air Supply, CD, greatest hits
Black and White Encore - Danny Wright

Born and raised in Fortworth, Texas US - Danny began playing the piano at age four. By 1985 he was recording both his own and others work. He has a number of albums out - Black and White Encore, Time Windows, Phantasys and Autumn Dreams.

  1. On My Own
  2. Summer's End
  3. Shenandoah
  4. The World Is Changing
  5. Theme From "Summer of '42" (The Summer Knows)
  6. Papa, Can You Hear Me
  7. What I Did for Love
  8. Theme From "The Thorn Birds"
  9. Brian's Song (The Hands of Time)
  10. The King & I Medley: I Have Dreamed/We Kiss in a Shadow/Something Wonderful
  11. Salute to Freedom: Bring Him Home/Can You Hear the People Sing?
  1. Never An Absolution
  2. Distant Memories
  3. Southampton
  4. Rose
  5. Leaving Port
  6. "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch"
  7. "Hard To Starboard"
  8. Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave
  9. The Sinking
  10. Death Of Titanic
  11. A Promise Kept
  12. A Life So Changed
  13. An Ocean Of Memories
  14. My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From 'Titanic') - Celine Dion
  15. Hymn To The Sea (Nearer My God to Thee)
  1. The Great Migration
  2. Sharptooth And The Earthquake
  3. Whispering Winds
  4. If We Hold On Together - Diana Ross
  5. Foraging For Food
  6. The Rescue, / Discovery Of The Great Valley
  7. End Credits
  1. County Galway, June 1892
  2. The Fighting Donellys - The Chieftains
  3. Joe Sr.'s Passing /The Duel Scene
  4. Leaving Home
  5. Burning The Manor House
  6. Blowing Off Steam
  7. Fighting For Dough - The Chieftains
  8. Am I Beautiful?
  9. The Big Match
  10. Inside The Mansion
  11. Shannon Is Shot
  12. Joseph's Dream
  13. The Reunion
  14. Oklahoma Territory
  15. The Land Race
  16. Meldey: Settling With Steven / The Race To The River,
  17. Joseph And Shannon
  18. Book Of Days - Enya
  19. End Credits - The Chieftains
  1. The Sound Of Silence
  2. The Singleman Party Foxtrot
  3. Mrs. Robinson
  4. Sunporch Cha-Cha-Cha
  5. Scarborough Fair/Canticle (interlude)
  6. On The Strip
  7. April Come She Will
  8. The Folks
  9. Scarborough Fair/Canticle
  10. A Great Effect
  11. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
  12. Whew
  13. Mrs. Robinson
  14. The Sound Of Silence
  1. Introduction (titles)
  2. Storytime
  3. Castle On The Hill
  4. Beautiful New World / Home Sweet Home
  5. The Cookie Factory
  6. Ballet De Suburbia (suite)
  7. Ice Dance
  8. Etiquette Lesson
  9. Edward The Barber
  10. Esmeralda
  11. Death
  12. The Tide Turns Suite
  13. The Final Confrontation
  14. Farewell...
  15. The Grand Finale
  16. The End
  17. With These Hands - Tom Jones
Edward Scissorhands
The Exorcist
  1. Iraq
  2. "Georgetown/Tubular Bells"
  3. "Five Pieces For Orchestra, OP10
  4. Polymorphia
  5. String Quartet
  6. Windharp
  7. Night Of The Electric Insects
  8. Kanon For Orchestra And Tape
  9. Tubular Bells appletbutton
  10. Fantasia For Strings

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