Fusing British progressive rock with an American heartland sound representative of their name, Kansas was among the most popular bands of the late 1970s. Formed in Topeka in 1970, the founding members of the group -- guitarist Kerry Livgren, bassist Dave Hope and drummer Phil Ehart, first played together while in high school. With 1971's addition of classically trained violinist Robby Steinhardt, they changed their name to White Clover, but, reverted back to the Kansas name for good upon the 1972 arrivals of vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh and guitarist Richard Williams.

The group spent the early part of the decade touring relentlessly and struggling for recognition. Initially, their mix of boogie and progressive rock baffled club patrons, but in due time they established a strong enough following to win a record deal with the Kirshner label.

Kansas' self-titled debut LP appeared in 1974. Although only mildly successful, the group toured behind it tirelessly, and their fan base grew to the point that their third effort, 1975's, 'Masque', sold a quarter of a million copies.

In 1977, 'Leftoverture', truly catapulted Kansas to stardom. On the strength of the smash hit "Carry on Wayward Son," the album reached the Top Five and sold over three million copies.

1977's, 'Point of Know Return', was even more successful, spawning the monster hit "Dust in the Wind."

While the 1978 live LP, 'Two for the Show', struggled to break the Top 40, its studio follow-up, 'Monolith', the band's first self-produced effort, reached the Top Ten. That same year, Walsh issued a solo record, Schemer-Dreamer.

In the wake of 1980's Audio-Visions, Kansas began to splinter; both Hope and Livgren became born-again Christians, the latter issuing the solo venture, Seeds of Change, and their newfound spirituality caused divisions within the band's ranks. Walsh soon quit to form a new band, Streets; the remaining members forged on without him, tapping vocalist John Elefante as his replacement.

The first Kansas LP without Walsh, 1982's 'Vinyl Confessions', launched the hit "Play the Game Tonight," but after only one more album, 1983's, 'Drastic Measures', they disbanded. In 1986, however, Kansas re-formed around Ehart, Williams and Walsh; adding the famed guitarist Steve Morse as well as bassist Billy Greer, the refurbished band debuted with the album, 'Power', scoring a Top 20 hit with "All I Wanted." When the follow-up, 1988's, 'In the Spirit of the Things', failed to hit, seven years passed before the release of their next effort, 'Freaks of Nature'. 'Always Never the Same', followed in 1998.

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The Best of Kansas
The Best of Kansas
  1. Carry On Wayward Son
  2. Point Of Know Return
  3. Fight Fire With Fire
  4. Dust In The Wind
  5. Song For America
  6. Hold On
  7. No One Together
  8. Play The Game Tonight
  9. The Wall
  10. The Pinnacle
  11. The Devil Game
  12. Closet Chronicles

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