Kenny Gorelick, commonly known as Kenny G, was born in Seattle, Washington in 1959.

Kenny, is a successful instrumentalist whose recordings make the pop charts. Kenny's sound has been a staple of "smooth jazz" radio stations since the mid-1980s, making him a household name. Because he does not improvise much, his music largely falls outside of jazz and is scorned by traditional Jazz fans. However, in the public's view he is listed at the top of "contemporary jazz" charts.

Kenny Gorelick started playing professionally with Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1976. He recorded with Cold, Bold & Together (a Seattle-based funk group) and freelanced locally. After graduating from the University of Washington, Kenny worked with Jeff Lorber's Fusion, making two albums with the group. Soon he was signed to Arista, recording his debut as a leader in 1982. It was not until his fourth album, however, 'Duotones' (which included the very popular "Songbird"), that he became a star.

Following 'Songbird', he was in demand for guest appearances on recordings with such famous singers as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole.

Kenny G's own records have sold remarkably well, particularly 'Breathless', which has easily topped eight million copies in the U.S.

1994's holiday album 'Miracles' and 1996's 'Moment' continued the momentum of his massive commercial success. He also recorded his own version of the Celine Dion/Titanic smash "My Heart Will Go On" in 1998.

In 1999 he released, 'Classics In The Key Of G', a collection of jazz standards like "Round Midnight" and "Body & Soul," and made the soprano sax sound appealing to millions of fans, while simultaneously annoying many jazz purists.

Kenny G. - Greatest Hits
Kenny G's Greatest Hits
    1. Songbird
    2. Silhouette
    3. Forever In Love
    4. Everytime I Close My Eyes - (with Babyface)
    5. Sentimental
    6. The Moment
    7. How Could An Angel Break My Heart - (with Toni Braxton)
    8. Loving You - (previously unreleased)
    9. You Send Me - (with Michael Bolton)
    10. Going Home
    11. Havana
    12. By The Time This Night Is Over - (with Peabo Bryson)
    13. Baby G - (previously unreleased)
    14. Don't Make Me Wait For Love
    15. Theme From Dying Young
    16. All The Way - (with Frank Sinatra) / One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) - (with Frank Sinatra)
    17. Innocence

Kenny G - Classics in the Key of G
Classics In The Key of G

  1. Summertime - (with George Benson)
  2. The Look Of Love
  3. What A Wonderful World
  4. Desafinado
  5. In A Sentimental Mood
  6. The Girl From Ipanema
  7. Stranger On The Shore
  8. Body And Soul
  9. Round Midnight
  10. Over The Rainbow

Kenny G - The Moment
The Moment
  1. The Moment
  2. Passages
  3. Havana
  4. Always
  5. That Somebody Was You
  6. The Champion's Theme
  7. Eastside Jam
  8. Moonlight
  9. Gettin' On The Step
  10. Everytime I Close My Eyes
  11. Northern Lights
  12. Innocence

Kenny G - Breathless
  1. Joy of Life
  2. Forever in Love
  3. In the Rain
  4. Sentimental
  5. By the Time This Night Is Over
  6. End of the Night
  7. Alone
  8. Morning
  9. Even If My Heart Would Break
  10. G Bop
  11. Sister Rose
  12. Year Ago
  13. Homeland
  14. Wedding Song

Kenny G. - Paradise
  1. Brazil
  2. Paradise
  3. Malibu Dreams
  4. One More Time (w/ Chante Moore)
  5. Spanish Nights
  6. Seaside Jam
  7. Ocean Breeze
  8. Falling In The Moonlight
  9. All The Way (w/ Brian McKnight)
  10. Midnight Magic
  11. Peace

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