River Dance
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River Dance - Soundtrack
River Dance
The Sound Track
  1. Reel Around The Sun: Corona (Slow Air) / ChronosReel, The / Reel Around The Sun
  2. The Heart's Cry
  3. Countess Kathleen, The / Women Of The Sidhe
  4. Caoineadh Cu Chulainn
  5. Shivna 6. Firedance
  6. Slip Into Spring
  7. Riverdance
  8. American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set)
  9. Lift The Wings
  10. Macedonian Morning
  11. The Marta's Dance / Russian Dervish
  12. Andalucia
  13. Home And The Heartland
  14. The Harvest
  15. Riverdance (Reprise)
  16. Riverdance (Remix)
River Dance - The Video
River Dance
The Video
Riverdance - It is an energetic tribute to Irish dance filled with brilliant dancing, music and choreography! The leads, Jean Butler and Colin Dunne captivate you with their exquisite dancing. This video is totally outstanding, and if you're a native of the land, it will bring back many pleasant memories too. "It's a must see!", says Dax.

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