Savage Garden
FORMED: 1996, Brisbane, Australia

Savage Garden is a duo comprised of Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones. Darren and Daniel started their pop music career in Brisbane, Australia, in 1996, when "I Want You" and "To the Moon & Back" became back-to-back number one hits. Early in 1997, the group began their campaign for American and European success when the single "I Want You" was released. They were endorsed by Rosie O'Donnell who sang the words to "I Want You" and praised the duo behind it. Their album catapulted up the charts and even though ignored by the serious music press, the ballad "Truly Madly Deeply" was lodged at No. 1 for week after week. Lead singer Darren Hayes lends the same yearning vocal style to the third, and in many opinions, the best single from the album, "To the Moon & Back." It's a slice of synth-pop genius that culminates in a dramatic crescendo of strings, courtesy of co-leader Daniel Jones.

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Savage Garden
Savage Garden
  1. To The Moon & Back
  2. I Want You
  3. Truly Madly Deeply
  4. Tears Of Pearls
  5. Universe
  6. Carry On Dancing
  7. Violet
  8. Break Me Shake Me
  9. A Thousand Words
  10. Promises
  11. Santa Monica
  1. Affirmation
  2. Hold Me
  3. I Knew I Loved You
  4. The Best Thing
  5. Crash & Burn
  6. Chained To You
  7. The Animal Song
  8. The Lover After Me
  9. Two Beds & A Coffee Machine
  10. You Can Still Be Free
  11. Gunning Down Romance
  12. I Don't Know You Anymore

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