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Star Trek I - The Motion Picture
Star Trek I
The Motion Picture


Admiral James T. Kirk reunites the original crew of the Starship Enterprise in order to save humanity from a gargantuan alien space ship steadily approaching Earth. The inscrutable aliens possess an intelligence so advanced that even the brilliant Mr. Spock fails to comprehend the structure of their massive vessel. With the complex life-forms and their motives so completely unfathomable to the Enterprise crew, will our old friends unearth the secret in time?

Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek II
The Wrath of Khan


Khan, a genetically engineered "superman" prone to megalomaniacal delusions, was exiled years ago to the barren planet Ceti Alpha 5. He blames Admiral Kirk for his hard fate, as well as for his son's death, and vows revenge. When Commander Chekov mistakenly beams down to Khan's lair, the villain finally has a means of escape. Using a parasitic creature that allows him to control the minds of his victims, Khan seizes command of the Starship Reliant. From there he hopes to lure Kirk to his death, using equipment stolen from an experimental research project. These devices allow him to trigger something known as the "Genesis Effect" -- a means of generating new life from existing matter. Khan plans to use the creation machines as weapons, because the same fire of life that creates new worlds must destroy what existed before. Kirk and crew need all the courage and cunning they can muster in order to save their friend and silence Khan forever.

Star Trek III - In Search of Spock
Star Trek III
In Search of Spock


Picking up where exactly where Star Trek II left off, the Enterprise and crew are returning to port for some essential repairs to their ship. When they arrive, they are shocked to discover the Enterprise is to be scrapped. When Dr. McCoy starts acting strangely, Kirk is forced to steal his old ship back and fly across space to a lonely planet to save a friend.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home


While back on Earth, standing trial for their hijacking of the starship Enterprise (see "Star Trek III"), Kirk and his crew are thrust into a new adventure. A space probe threatens to destroy the planet if it is not allowed to continue its longstanding communications with a certain species of Earth mammal -- humpback whales. Unfortunately, there is an obstacle to their simple demand; the whales are extinct in the 23rd Century. So Kirk, Spock and the gang travel back in time to San Francisco, circa 1986, where they battle culture shock, as well as the clock, while trying to corral a few friendly whales to bring back to the future.

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