Winter Serenity

"Snowflake Fantasies" 

The midi you are listening to, 'Colour My World', is by Chicago.

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On a cools winter's evening, in the silence of night
Frost marks your breath, as we walk in dim light
Snow flakes twirl down and land on your cheek
The world stands so pure, peaceful and meek

Small life carries on, neath the blanket of white
What now appears dead, time will put right
Our love burns desire through crispy cold
And safe if your arms are treasures untold
 © JayDax 1998/2000  Poetry by: JayDax 
Original Art by: Thomas Kinkade. 
Winterized and adapted by JayDax

See this picture without the snow

Original Art by: Thomas Kinkade.
Many thanks to Mr. Kinkade for allowing us to display his breathtaking art on our site Thomas Kindade website.
Find out more about Thomas Kinkade and his art there.