Snake Pit
The midi you are listening to, 'Stayin Alive', is by the Bee Gees.
Find out more about them and their music here.
Wait for the applet and sounds to finish loading, this may take a minute or two. The game screen will show 'Game Over' once everything is ready. In the meantime you can review the instructions below.

Note: If the game doesn't seem to be responding to key presses, click your mouse pointer in the game area.

Playing the Game
Use the keyboard controls described below to maneuver the snake around the maze. Gobble up the mice to score points but avoid running into the walls or yourself.

When the red key appears, grab it to advance to the next level. If you make it through all five levels, you start back at the beginning but the game will move a little faster.

S Start Game P Pause Game
Cursor Left Turn Left Cursor Down Turn Down
Cursor Right Turn Right Cursor Up Turn Up
M Toggle Sound*  
*Note: If the game appears to run slowly on your machine, try turning the sound off. This will not affect game play.
Mouse 10 Level Bonus 200