Afternoon Light

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Afternoon Light


Original poetry by John and Shelia Chapman 2001

In the dim, in the dark
lonely and filled with fright
feeling my way, silence, hark
can I survive outside light?

the night closing in
the black shadows fell
grasped by stains of sin
My story I must tell

I cry in speechless prayer
Strength is near gone
Deliver me from this lair
Don't leave me alone!

A voice is heard
a quiet, whispering sound
It tells the wonderous word
salvation is found


The orginal painting is done by William Scott Jennings of Sedona, Arizona.
You can visit his website here.
Many thanks to Mr. Jennings for giving us permission to use his art on our site.
The midi you are listening to,'Cursum Perfuio', is by Enya.
Find out more about her and her music here