The Kinkade Art Gallery
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java, so you can only view one of the images.

Ok, so now you have learned to do web pages right? Ever had lots of pictures you wanted to display at one time? Well it is possible in tables or by using javascript and CSS, but, for a beginner, the disadvantage is complexity or the amount of space used on the page and scroll bars can be so annoying at times - especially if you don't have a scroll wheel mouse :)

Now there is an alternative. Thanks to Fabio Ciucci and his Mosaic Java Applet, it is now possible to display several image on the same page in a very small space.

The Java effect you are looking at in the table above, was made using some of  Thomas Kinkade's most beautiful paintings.  If you click on the pictures you can see their name in the status bar. We are great fans of Thomas Kinkade. In fact so great fans that we suggest everyone who reads this send us a dollar so we can buy one :) - Many thanks to Mr. Kinkade for allowing us to display is breathtaking art on our site Thomas Kindade website.

If you are a glutton for punishment we have lots of Kinkade art on our site. Use the search option on our home page to find it.

Don't waste your time trying to copy the images, it can't be done without HTML expertise. Images used in Java applets are inaccessible. If you are interested in obtaining these and others like them, you will have to seek Mr. Kinkade's permission at Thomas Kinkade's Home Page

As for the Java applet, you can find more information about it at Fabio's Home Page.