East Steel Stone Circle, Northumberland

I recently took a not often traveled road back home and was astonished to come across a stone circle right next to the road. I had not traveled this road for at least 30 years but I am sure I would have noticed the circle had it been there then. Closer investigation was needed.

This applet will take a while to start - it's a big file - but once it has it's your chance to see what The view's like at East Steel on the road between Plenmeller and Bardon Mill, Northumberland

. To control the view click in it then use the spacebar, mouse and up/down cursor keys - you'll soon see how. Clicking active areas gets you more information.

Here's another view of the stone circle:
East Steel Stone Circle

As you can see the stones for the most part are very rectangular - a little too regular to be authentic. If you look the area up on the Ordnance Survey site to get a map, you won't find it showing up as an 'antiquity' - or indeed, showing up at all! The clue to the circle is on the stone nearest the farm lane.
The clue - a gatepost
See that mark at the base of the stone? It's where in the past there has been a hinge set into the stone. It's an old gatepost!

Apparently the circle was constructed by the farmer over ten years ago. I believe you can get bed and breakfast there so if you go, you can ask him all about it - East Steel Farm Whitfield Hexham NE47 8JP

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