The Blackett Level, Allendale

This applet will take a while to start - it's a big file - but once it has it's your chance to see what the view is like at The entrance to the Blacket Level, Allendale, Northumberland, UK.


To control the panoramic view click in it then use the spacebar, mouse and up/down cursor keys - you'll soon see how. There are 'active areas' which you can find using your mouse. See if you can find the troll.


Blackett Level is a mine tunnel which travels up the Allen Valley for 4.5 miles. Originally intended to go all the way to Allenheads, it was intended to drain the local lead mines and for the discovery of further lead veins. Two miles up the tunnel the entrance can still be seen. Work started on it in 1854 and was abandoned in 1903 when cheap imports made the mines uneconomic. It was sucessful in lowering the water table however, making it possible for the local mines to continue long after others had shut down.

We used part of this picture in the front cover of our book A Vested Interest




the way if you were looking for what happens when a polluted river heals itself over time. The West Allen, Ninebanks, Northumberland in England - this is it.

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