The Merry Maidens, Stone Circle, Cornwall

This applet will take a while to start - it's a big file - but once it has it's your chance to see what the view's like from the centre of the stone circle known as 'The Merry Maidens' in Cornwall. You'll find the circle in a field off the B3315 between Newlyn and Land's End.

Tradition has it that the stones, which are one of the best preserved megaliths in the UK are the remains of nineteen maidens who danced on a Sunday and were transformed into stones. The pipers who played for them were petrified too: you'll find two standing stones called the Pipers in a field to the north-east of the circle. Having said that I doubt if even the noisiest of pipes would have been heard by 'the maidens' from the piper's location since they are 430 metres away over the brow of a hill!

The picture was taken in February 2008.

To control the view click in it then use the spacebar, mouse and up/down cursor keys - you'll soon see how.

Get a more detailed view here (Takes even longer to load and is NOT recommended if you don't have a fast broadband connection and powerful computer)By the way if you were looking for the merry maidens stone circle near Penzance, Cornwall in England - this is it.

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