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Madonna :
Accomplishments and Awards

To list all of Madonna's achievements and awards would take longer than I have and more web space than I can afford, so I'll just touch on the familar ones. If you want to know more it is possible to find out on the Web. Just go to google search and type (in the exact phrase) 'Madonna' and be prepared to be there for a while. As of today, 10 Feb, 2006 there are 27,100,000 returns in 0.08 seconds!

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, as of November 2000, Madonna is the 'most successful female solo artist, selling 120 million albums. Madonna had 12 multi-platinum albums certified by the RIAA, which in all, had certified her for shipments of 64 million units in the USA. In a 2005 press release, her record label, Warner Bros, reported she had international sales in excess of 200 million alubms.