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It's so important in our lives. It affects us in so many ways. It calms, it soothes, it embraces our minds and sets our spirits soaring. It can make us happy and make us smile or it can make us sad and make us frown. It can rekindle the fading embers of long lost love or ignite a towering inferno of hate. It can take us to places we've never been or places we could only dream of and it can even take us home. Never does it have more meaning and impact that when your in love or for that matter, when you're in despair. What ever it does, it does it to us all.

Here at The Music Shelf, we will endeavour to bring you all the best. The best music, the best information and the best gossip (within limits of course).

You will find things to do and take part in like our trivia and our polls. You can subscribe to our newsletter where we will include some music bargains for you, give you the scoop on the charts and spotlight a star each month. Since The Music Shelf is just starting out, there's no telling what you might see here - let's just see what the future holds, together.


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