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It's funny how a song can trigger faded memories. It can send you soaring through the pages of the past to the very first time you heard a song and all of a sudden you remember evertything; where you were, who you were with, what you were doing and the feelings you had.

My school years were not all that good for me, some bad things happened but I made it through and so can you. Step into my time machine, relax, close your eyes and get lost in the past.

The rules are simple, play the music file and choose the right song and artist or group. If you get stuck you can get a number of clues but... remember... getting clues reduces your score! The rewards for winning the game is to know if you did remember.... have fun!

If you would like your score to be recorded in our Memories Hall of Fame be sure to fill out the form below first. Play the as many ttimes as you want to increase your chances. Remember only the highest scores make it to the top. Also, over time the questions will change so visit often.

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