Getting the David Griffiths applets

Unfortunately David Griffiths has closed his website and has no plans to develop the lake or other applets any further. To make the applets available to you we've taken the liberty of putting on our site a zip file, produced by David Griffiths which contains all you need along with David's own comments on it's use. Since the file came from a website no longer present on the web we can't guarentee that all the links in it will work.

We've also included links to older versions of the lake applet class files. You should save the lake.class and Lake.class files in separate directories/folders to prevent them overwriting each other. Do NOT attempt to change the names of class files - they won't work if you do.

Copyright to these files is owned by David Griffiths. Please read his comments in the HTML file.

The David Griffiths Lake applet zip file - Latest version with horizon parameter and everything else   (69.1K)
lake.class - pre-horizon applet with rock parameter
Lake.class - early pre-horizon or rock parameter applet
Panorama.class - A different applet used to display panoramic views

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