CGI/Perl (This is an old page - get the new version here)

Now we are getting to the technical stuff! If you want to do any of the following, you will need to use CGI:

  • Set-up your own counter
  • Set-up your own guest book
  • Process forms
  • Offer a virtual card service to all browsers
CGI allows you to get your visitors to send information to your web server, which then processes the information and sends back a web page, which has been modified by that information. The processing is done at the server, rather than the visitor's computer. To use CGI, you will need:
  1. A server which allows CGI access - check your own web server and see if they allow this. If not, there are a number of 'free' servers on the web which will grant this. Check out Virtual Avenue and Hypermart. If you are setting up a commercial site, then, you should request CGI access from which ever server you purchase web space on.

  2. You need to learn a programming language, the most widely used one seems to be Perl - sorry, we're not offering information on Perl at this time, but BigNoseBird is a site which will.

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