Counters, Guestbooks and 'Add a link'
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Web Page Counters

Web page counters let you add an image which tells you the number of visitors a site/page has had. There is an example of one here: 
LE FastCounter

This particular counter was provided by Link Exchange - there are lots of others available - Try looking for a counter on the WWW is a good place to start looking.

Some counters require CGI access (If you don't know what this is then you probably don't have it), some depend on a link to a different web site and therefore slow the page or can produce an error message if the link cannot be made. Others display a large and ugly advertisement.


One problem with counters is that, most of them only count the number of times a particular page has been visited. If your visitor does not look at that page, then they are not counted. You can get around this by putting a counter from Sitemeter on every page. The Javascript version of Sitemeter can tell you lots of useful information about your visitors - look really carefully at the bottom of this page and you'll find one of their counters :)


Guest books

If you have CGI access then you can create a guest book on your web site. There are many 'pre written' CGI scripts for this available on the web, just do a search for 'guest book CGI script'. If you don't have CGI access, then all is not lost. Simply choose one of the many free guest book services available on the web. Here's an example:
Sign our Guest bookGuestbook by GuestWorldView our Guest book
Another good site for a guest book is at:

1-2-3 Web Tools  Who also do:

Add a Link Page

 1-2-3 Web Tools  Have a service where a visitor to your web site can add a link to their own page - great! All the work is done for you. Having said that, we aren't using this service on our own web site. 'Why not?', you ask. Well, this site is rated by RSACi and we can't put any links on our site, which are not under our control. Even though we could delete an undesirable link, it would still be there until we discovered it. That could take several days.

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