Internet and Schools

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What can the Internet do for your school?

A few months ago I talking to our head of humanities faculty who had just returned from an examination board meeting. At that meeting, they had discussed the standardization of geography course work. He had displayed some of our pupil's work there and had found their reaction to it remarkable.
 "Where on earth did they get the information this work is based on?", was the question.

 His answer, of course, was "The Internet." And so it is - using Internet your pupils can search for information on a wide range of topics. The information they will obtain will be found more recent than your most up to date text books. Their problem will be, not that of obtaining the information, but rather a surplus of it.

Using Internet your school will have access to a library greater than the sum total of the public libraries in your area.

Using Internet your pupils can consult with eminent authority to obtain the answers to their questions and at the same time improve their communications skills.

Using Internet your pupils will learn to ask questions, thinking first of exactly what they wish to know.

Using Internet your pupils can have 'fun' - so much so that even the most recalcitrant will be found, in their breaks or after school, working on their projects.

So what will we need to use Internet?

I'll give you two answers, your solution will fit somewhere between the two:
IF you need to know the meaning of a word which is underlined just point at it - click it for more details.


A computer, monitor, keyboard , mouse and a printer A networked room full of computer workstations, a file server, cabling, hubs and networked printer.
A work desk with sufficient space to use the computer and to write. Ergonomically designed computer furniture 
A telephone line An ISDN telephone line or a leased line
A modem router
An Information Service Provider (ISP) account - unlimited access - local telephone call charges. An Information Service Provider (ISP) account - unlimited access - multiple users.
A block of IP addresses, one for each computer and the router.
A free web site - (initially you can use someone else's)  A web site with your own domain name
Browser software - It's free Browser software - it's free

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