Lake Applet
  • Beginners - this tutorial assumes you know nothing about the lake applet and carries you through the entire process of constructing a successful lake effect. This tutorial uses no complicated terms or overlays.
  • Your first overlay - this tutorial assumes you know somewhat of the lake applet and it's functions. We carefully walk you through constructing the lake effect, show how to use overlays effectively and advice you when an overlay should be used for your Java lake effect.
  • Using the Java lake applet effectively - this tutorial assumes you are pretty familiar when the lake applet and understand how to construct your own lake applet effect.
  • Comparing the lake applets - this tutorial shows how the three Java lake applets can be used effectively and allows you to see the advantages and disadvantages of using the proper lake applet to achieve the effect you want.
  • The impossible lake - this tutorial is for all of you out there that will not settle for second best, for those of us who want the 'perfect' lake applet effect.
  • Combination applets - this tutorial shows you how to effectively use two different Java applets to achieve a more realistic lake effect
  • Snow lake - this tutorial shows you how to use the Dorian GrayII Java applet and the alcsnow applet to achieve a rippling water effect with falling snow.

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