Picture of table
OK maybe this is not the sort of table HTML is talking about

It's fairly easy to construct tables using HTML - here are a few examples:

Believe it or not this is a table with one column and one row - You can use it with a border and a background like this. 
Tables like the one above, are very useful in you want to use a striking background image which would make, reading the text on it very difficult. I'm sure you have seen this on the web. Somone has a very vivid background image and it's very difficult to read the text on it. The answer is to put the text in a table which has a plain background. Here's an example.
Burning Torch
This image is left aligned but the text is right aligned.
Tables may contain text or images or both. Cells may be the same width or a width you choose.
red cell
green cell
blue cell
how many rows- 2
in this case
Row 1 Column 1 Row 1 Column 2 Merged Row 1 and Row 2 Column 3
Cell spans two columns
Cell spans 3 columns You can use an image as a table, row or cell background
Bud vase with 3 roses
Vase with 6 long stem roses
Vase with 12 long stem roses
This table has no border Animated Flowers 3 columns and 2 rows
Single Red Rose

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