Talking Times Tables

Sleep Learning Multi-Function CD

How to use this CD

The concept behind this CD is very simple. It has been known for years that our brains can continue to take in and learn new information even while we are asleep. So why not use this to help those children (or adults) who have great difficulty in learning their 'times tables'.

The Audio files on the CD version and mp3 files are numbered the same as the tables. i.e. the seven times table is track 7; the nine times table is track 9 etc. The tables cover the numbers from 1 to 20! You can use the files in two different ways:

  1. Conscious learning: Play the files using your CD player's auto-repeat. The table will be read to you and then read again in a different order. Try to beat the second version by giving the answer before the end of the pause.
  2. Sleep learning: Select one or two tracks to learn. Set your CD player to repeat these tracks continuously. Set the volume fairly low but loud enough so that you can make it out. Play the CD while the subject sleeps. Repeat the process the next night. You'll be surprised how quickly they learn the tables.

For greatest effect use the sleep method with short sessions of conscious learning. Re-enforce the information by playing multiplication games. There are lots of these available on Internet - try for examples.

There's also a great arcade style game available at Bigbrainz which is available for free download which we can't recommend more highly.

Also included on the CD version are higher quality mp3 files and the following freeware programs:

WinAmp (Freeware) An excellent mp3 player for the PC. It will play the mp3 version of the audio tracks. (And a lot of other media besides). This version is version 5.35. You can find more information on this player at It's minimum requirements are a PIII 500MHz computer with 15MB of free hard drive space and Windows 98 or better.
Fun with Figures (Freeware) Simple arithmetic practice
Reken Test (Shareware/Freeware) A more complex arithmetic test program which asks progressively harder/easier questions until it determines a level of understanding. More details from
Great multiplication games
Bigbrainz Timez Attack

Basic version - (Freeware)

A brilliant arcade style game which children love to play and is excellent for re-enforcing the tables More details fom

Sorry - Temporarily unavailable

Reason - I no longer live anywhere near a post office and can't guarentee to mail this to you within a reasonable time.

BUT - download the files free as mp3 files - Right click the link and choose Save as... (of course the CD is a lot more convenient to use).

01-times1.mp3 - 509Kb mp3 file
02-times2.mp3 - 515Kb mp3 file
03-times3.mp3 - 557Kb mp3 file
04-times4.mp3 - 553Kb mp3 file
05-times5.mp3 - 555Kb mp3 file
06-times6.mp3 - 1.5Mb mp3 file
07-times7.mp3 - 1.5Mb mp3 file
08-times8.mp3 - 1.5Mb mp3 file
09-times9.mp3 - 1.5Mb mp3 file
10-times10.mp3 - 1.5Mb mp3 file
11-times11.mp3 - 1.6Mb mp3 file
12-times12.mp3 - 1.6Mb mp3 file
13-times13.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file
14-times14.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file
15-times15.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file
16-times16.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file
17-times17.mp3 - 1.8Mb mp3 file
18-times18.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file
19-times19.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file
20-times20.mp3 - 1.7Mb mp3 file

Warning - If you use headphones avoid the use of inside ear versions. While they are fine for use during the day, using them overnight can lead to a painful ear infection especially if your ear is damp after bathing.

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