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The Northumbrian Small Pipes:

To most people, bagpipes conjures up a vision of a kilted piper playing in the Highlands of Scotland, but, the 'Scottish' bagpipes are not the only pipes by any means. One of the lesser known bagpipes is the Northumbrian Small Pipes. Unlike the Scottish pipes, the bag is inflated by a small pair of bellows which the piper pumps with his elbow. They produce a far sweeter sound and are designed for indoor playing, rather than outdoors.

There are still many people who play the Northumbrian Pipes and it's still possible to buy a set. Traditionally, the pipes are made from blackwood, ivory and silver or brass. Each set takes many hours of careful work. Once made, the drones and chanter must be fitted with reeds which need careful tuning and which can be affected by changes in humidity. Like all bagpipes, the Northumbrian Pipes will only produce their best when they are in constant use. The bag, (made of leather), can dry out, the reeds can go off key and the bellows, (made of wood and leather), can crack. A good set of pipes is unlikely, ever to be sold secondhand - they tend to be passed down through the family or passed on to a fellow piper.

If you are interested in the history and construction of the Northumbrian pipes try this resource page. It contains a collection of items I gathered while making a set of pipes.

There aren't many CD's available featuring the Northumbrian pipes (Scottish pipes are ten a penny). When I first started listening, there was only one by 'Billy Pigg', who was, until his death, one of the better known pipers. There is however, one new piper on the scene who is fast approaching international fame - Kathryn Tickell, a talented artist on the Northumbrian bagpipes and fiddle, Kathryn was named official piper to the Lord Mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1984. She was the first person to hold that title in over 150 years. Since then, she's earned a reputation for playing the pipes on several folk albums and with Sting.

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You may also like to take a look at this page which features my attempt to simulate the northumbrian pipes using a midi file.

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Northumbrian Small Pipes
The Northumbrian Small Pipes
  1. Keel Row - Tom Clough
  2. Westering Home - Diana Blackett-Ord
  3. Whittingham Green Lane - John Hepple/George Hepple / Ward's Brae - John Hepple/George Hepple
  4. Wild Hills O'Wannie - Billy Pigg
  5. King's Hall - The High Level Ranters / John Of Carrick - The High Level Ranters
  6. Gypsy's Lullaby - Billy Pigg / The Hawk - Billy Pigg / Memories - Billy Pigg / Coates Hall - Billy Pigg
  7. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? - George Atkinson
  8. Sir Sidney Smith's March - Joe Hutton/John Armstrong
  9. Lovat Scouts - Joe Hutton / Roxburgh Castle - Joe Hutton / Bonny North Tyne - John Hutton / Alston Flower Show - John Hutton
  10. Sunderland Lasses - The Cut And Dry Band / Lads Of Alnwick - The Cut And Dry Band
  11. Fenwick Of Bywell - The High Level Ranters
  12. Barrington Hornpipe - Joe Hutton / Rowley Burn - Joe Hutton
  13. Proudlock's Hornpipe - The High Level Ranters / Hesleyside Reel - The High Level Ranters
  14. Ho'ley Ha'Penny - Tom Clough / Elsie Marley - Tom Clough
  15. John Fenwick's The Flower Among Them - The Cut And Dry Band
  16. Salmon Tails Up The Water - Colin Caisley/Foster Charlton / Herd On The Hill, The - Colin Caisley/Forster Charlton / Sweeet Hesleyside - Colin Caisley/Forster Charlton
  17. Coilsfield House - The High Level Ranters / Thom's March - The High Level Ranters
  18. Skye Crofters - Billy Pigg / Swallow's Tail - Billy Pigg
  19. My Laddie Sits O'er Late Up - The Cut And Dry Band / Shew's The Way To Wallington - The Cut And Dry Band / Drops Of Brandy - The Cut And Dry Band
  20. Surprise, The - The High Level Ranters
  21. Bonny Woodside - The Cut And Dry Band / Coffee Bridge - The Cut And Dry Band
  22. Dr. Whittaker's Hornpipe - The Cut And Dry Band / Nancy - The Cut And Dry Band
  23. Hexham Quadrille (Billy's Jig)- The High Level Ranters / Kielder Fells - The High Level Ranters
  1. Rothbury Hills
  2. Old Morpeth Rant/Morpeth Rant/Hesleyside Reel
  3. Felton Lonnen
  4. Whittingham Green Lane
  5. Robin Spraggon's Old Grey Mare
  6. Stagshaw Bank Fair/Shew's The Way To Wallington/Mile To Ride
  7. Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Amang Them/Sir Sidney Smith's March
  8. Lindisfarne
  9. Bonny At Morn
  10. Otterburn
  11. The Breamish/Warksburn Waltz/Elsey's Waltz
  12. Sair Fyel'd Hinny
  13. Jockey Lay Up In The Hayloft/Belingham Boat
  14. Northumberland Air
  15. Fareweel Regality

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