The River Tyne at Haydon Bridge

If you had a browser which used Java you would be looking at the River Tyne where the A69 crosses it at Haydon Bridge, Northumberland.

Here's your chance to see what The view's like at where the A69 crosses the River Tyne at Haydon Bridge in Northumberland.
This applet will take a while to start - it's a big file - but once it has just drag your pointer in the direction you wish to turn for a 360º view of the Tyne. Try not to move up and down or too quickly or you'll begin to feel dizzy!
The other bridge you can see is the old single track one, built in 1773, now used as a footbridge. The picture was taken in October 2001. The yellow building, The Anchor Hotel, is now white.

You earn extra points for spotting the join in the picture (No it's not in the middle of the bridge).

You'll have to excuse the midi you are listening to. It's a piece called the Hexham Quadrille and it's my first ever attempt at producing a midi file supposedly played on the Northumbrian pipes.

Now my question is this - 'Should I make more or forget the idea?' Let me know in our guestbook
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This page uses David Griffiths' Panorama Java applet