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Flash is the ideal media for bringing any website to life. It is used to create high quality vector graphics and animations.

Over 97% of Internet users are able to view Flash movies. Those who do not have Flash installed in their browser can be given the option to download a plugin.

Unlike many web developers, JayDax specializes in producing fast loading and high impact Flash websites. We believe, that if a site takes more than a few seconds to display useful information, then many visitors will go elsewhere. This isn't as great a problem as it used to be as 67% of site visitors are now using broadband

Flash can be used to create a complete website or an introduction, demonstration or can play video. Flash is the ideal media for creating interactive tutorials.

Prices vary on complexity but, as an example, we offer a Flash version of a four scene, standard introduction for £133.00 (UCCabout $266 US). The complete website example shown would cost approximately £325.00 (about $650.00 US) and the tutorial example £700 (about £1400.00 US)
Prices vary on complexity and are charged in UK pounds.
You can find the cost in your local currency using Personal Currency Assistant

You provide:

  • text for each scene by e-mail or diskette
  • the images by e-mail or diskette OR a description of the image you want us to create
  • the complete URLs of any pages you wish to link to
  • midi, mp3 or other sound  files to be used
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