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For Author's

A free book on getting published. 'An illustrated guide to getting published' by John Chapman (This edition is FREE until the third edition is available)

Author John Chapman shows what is involved in getting your book into print.

...the choice is yours and it's not as difficult as you might think.

There are black & white versions - suitable for greyscale screens, and colour versions available.

Kindle version (B&W screen) 2.3Mb| Sony/Nook version (epub B&W screen) 1.2Mb

Kindle color version (.mobi) 8.2Mb| Sony/Nook/Android color version (epub) 4.4Mb

(You can get this e-book at Amazon also - but it's $1.25 there.)

Word 2010 book template

Odd page on the right - how to tweak MS Word so that it displays the title and first page of a book on odd pages in a two page preview


Talking tables - Help your children learn their tables with these files which can be used in an mp3 player or used to create a CD for sleep learning. Alternatively you can purchase a ready made dual purpose Audio/Data CD which can be played in a normal CD player or used in a computer. It also contains the mp3 versions and some appropriate Freeware software. More details and 'Buy now from e-Bay' here.

Education Otherwise - While we wait for a space to be available for our son at the local school we are educating him at home. This section has some free worksheets

PowerPoint files

Creating a database (ppt 1.1MB)
simple Access database
Creating a web page graphic (ppt 1.1MB)
making a composite image by cutting, pasting as new layer and using the clone tool.
Making mistakes in PowerPoint (ppt 660KB)
a guide to what to avoid in PowerPoint - lots of examples showing what not to do!


Medicine Man (mp3 229KB) (Click to play it, right click to download) A modified clip from "Ray's Arrival" designed to act as a ringtone. Starts off fairly quiet but gets much louder if you don't answer. Get the full soundtrack here - Medicine Man Soundtrack USAmazon - Medicine Man UKAmazon.
Sibelius Symphony3 (mp3 970KB) (Click to play it, right click to download) Sibelius Symphony Number 3 (1st movement) modified as a ringtone.
Eliza Aria (mp3 265KB) (Click to play it, right click to download) The music from the Lloyds bank TV advert modified as a ringtone. It gets progressively louder if you ignore it. Get the CD containing this aria here - Wild Swans [Soundtrack]
Hexham Quadrill (mp3 622K) (Click to play it, right click to download) An unusual ringtone played on the Northumbrian pipes.


HeavyPlantCrossing.jpg - The sign got me thinking and a little tinkering with PaintShop Pro lead to...

Free desktop wallpapers - Nine free wallpapers, one of which tiles. Subjects: Allen Banks - a riverside scene, Stonhenge, The Tyne Valley in winter, West Allen river canyon and Stones, Stars & Solutions book cover, Allendale Railway after 61 years, Blood of the Rainbow book cover, Glendue Wood, Leap of Faith book cover.


Two pedigree chart files are available a simple chart and an advanced one which uses Ajax. See also the genealogy tutorials at genlinks.

Northumbrian Pipes

A page of resources for Northumbrian pipers including some very old booklets.

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Alternative Links

The free alternative to PowerPoint is Impress - Part of Open Office. (Yes - it will open PowerPoint files)

Download it here

The free alternative to MS Word is Writer - Part of Open Office. It's probably better than Word at exporting clean .html files to use for creating e-books (Yes - it will open and save Word files)

Want to create an e-book? Use Calibre to convert filtered .html files. It can change the files to .mobi (Kindle) .epub (most other readers) and other formats. It's an open source program so it's free.

For instructions on how to produce e-books get the 'So You'veWritten a Book?' - It's free here until March.

Want to make your own ringtones?

You'll need Audacity. Download it free here You'll also need the LAME encoder from here