Allendale Railway Line

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Take a walk in the snow along the disused Allendale railway line. (See a faster version in Spring here)

This single track line ran from Hexham to Catton, about a mile outside Allendale. There were stations at Elrington, Langley, Starwart and Catton with a short section continuing to Allendale Mills. A number of farms had milk loading 'platforms' on the route.

Allendale Railway line opened in 1868. The passenger service closed in 1930 and the goods service ended in 1950 when the line was closed.

The pictures cover a distance of 3/4 mile from Greenshaw Plain at the Hexham end of the line.

The 21 images are displayed by a Java applet and may take a little time to load.



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Allendale Railway Line