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Snow Lake Applet Tutorial


The First Snow and Lake Applet Combination

Those of you who know about Java applets will be wondering just how I did this :)

Back in 1998, we came across the alcsnow applet and experimented to see if it could be used with other applets. We quickly realized that it could be combined with Java lake applets. The result was this page, the original snow lake page to appear on the Web. (Well ok - we have updated it since then)

It's really quite simple, it's done using the Dorian Gray II applet and the Snow applet in combination. The snow applet is used to produce the snow at the top half of the image. The Dorian Gray II applet, is used to mirror a copy of the image at the top, to which snow has been added. The ripples on the lake make this snow seem to fall. All you have to do is get the right amount of snow for the reflected image at the right place. Detailed tutorial


Thanks to our friend at Webmoments we can now tell you that the ALCsnow applet was written by Arts Logic Computer - (Translated for you from Japanese by Google)

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