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Back in 1999, while reading a Sunday newspaper in Canada I came across an article about the artist Claude Monet. Amongst the story was a picture painted by him at Giverny, France and a modern day picture of the same scene.

I did a little research and came up with a bigger picture of the same scene on Internet

This applet represented quite a challenge since the overlay involved tracing around lots of branches, leaves and even blades of grass.

The result became one of a series of applets about Monet. The music - 'Sound of silence' seemed appropriate.


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Favourites 2 - Sound of silence - Monet's Garden
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Claude Monet Gardens
Claude Monet painted many pictures in his garden at Giverny,France - This picture shows what Monet's garden looks like today.
The song, Sound of Silence you are listening to, is by Simon & Garfunkel - Find out more about them here.


There's a book available about Monet's Garden, check it out here.
Learn how you can have a beautiful garden like this here.
You can impress your friends and send them an official 'Monet' postcard.


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