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As far as we remember this applet was our first attempt at using the Anfy Hue Rotate applet. Dax found the Anfy applets and put together this page. Later, in 2000, I added an overlay to make the tree 'blacker' and we produced the poem.

Of course there was only one possible midi we could use to go with this one. 'True Colours'.

The image is one I believe originated from the Corel collection of public domain images.


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Favourites 5 - The Tree

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The midi you are listening to,'True Colors', is by Cindy Lauper.
Find out more about her and her music here



I stand tall and true
A symbol of ancient past
Underneath an umbrella blue
A monolith that will last

My skin showing the scars
Arms twisted and bent
Towering beneath the stars
Patiently time is spent

Alone and quiet I weep
Hair turns slowly to brown
My roots are buried deep
Life's essence drawn to crown

But, when at last I fall
Felled by hand of man
Clearing springs back tall
A pattern of the plan

My body for a home
My fruit to sustain
My children live on
Life's legacy remain

©2000 Original poetry by John and Shelia Chapman

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