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While we were living in Canada, some friends showed us pictures that they had taken on holiday in Arizona. Apparently instead of the dry heat they expected it had poured down. (Sounds like the holiday I once had in Tunisia - Jay).

As if that wasn't enough one night they saw an aurora in the sky there. The applet effect here is a combination of two pictures, one taken by day, showing a river in flood, and the other at night, showing the aurora.

We put them together using a combination of the Anfy Hue Rotate applet and the Dorian Grey II Lake applet.


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Favourites 6 - Aurora and a Lake in Arizona?

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Not exactly what you expect in Arizona?
This picture was taken at night in March 1989 at Sedona Arizona when Arizona had experienced fourteen inches of rain in just a few days - that's more than their normal annual rainfall. Yes - this lake (or rather river) was there!
As if that was not unusual enough on this night an Aurora was visible - something hardly ever seen so far south.
The midi you are listening to,'To Go Beyond', is by Enya.
Find out more about her and her music here


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