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Until 1999 there were some scenes, including large areas of water which were impossible to lake effectively. Not that that stopped people trying, as can be seen in the 'bad' examples in our tutorial on the horizon parameter.

The new version of the applet produced in October 1999 changed everything. I used it extensively and this is one of a series I produced on the Lake District.

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You're looking at Windermere in the English lakes.


It's beautiful and at 5.00 am, tranquil. Even the seagulls are still half asleep. In another four hours, the lake will have the sound of speeding motor boats, drawing water skiers, the road at the lakeside, will produce the steady drone of passing cars and the shore will be filled with the laughter of children at play.

The midi you are listening to,'Open Arms', is by Journey.
Find out more about them and their music here


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