The Tyne at Corbridge - Corstopidum

River Tyne at Corbridge

The midi you are listening to,'Shape of My Heart', is by Sting, a local 'lad'.

Find out more about him and his music here

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You're looking at the Tyne at Corbridge. Near this point, a Roman road crossed the Tyne and the Romans built the major town of Corstopidum. It's site has been excavated and is well worth a visit.

The bridge you see, used to be the main road between Newcastle and Carlisle and is also where the A68 north crosses the Tyne. Once it was a major bottle-neck, since it was only wide enough for one line of traffic. Now, it's been widened by a modern addition on the other side of the bridge, so that the A68 road north can cross the Tyne more easily. A new road has been built to take the traffic from Newcastle to Carlisle, bypassing Corbridge completely.