Janim Lake Applets

The Janim applet is different in that it can use multiple .jpg files as the source. This makes it ideal for producing scenes involving fast flowing water such as rapids or waterfalls, smoke from chimneys, branches moving in the wind and animal movement. The free version can have three source images but the paid for version allows up to six source images. You'll need to use a tripod to take the source images since it's essential that they are taken from exactly the same location. It's also possible to use a video camera and editing software to get the source images.

You can also add up to four overlays which can be static or animated and which can scroll. Scrolling text files can be added. Finally you can add fireworks, snow or rain to the applet, making combination effects easy.

Until I get round to producing more examples and tutorials on the Janim applet I suggest you follow this link to the Janim website

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