How to use the Lake applets - and when not to.

There are three different Lake applets that we know of - each with slightly different effects:
The David Griffiths Lake applet
The Dorian GrayII applet
The Anfy Lake applet by Fabio Ciucci
We've used each of the applets below to lake a snow scene, allowing you to compare them, and provide a tutorial on using each one. - This is an old page, kept because people have links to it, The new version is here
David Griffiths Lake Applet Dorian GrayII Applet Anfy Lake Applet
snow scene
snow scene
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.
As you can see, all of the applets are capable of producing a realistic lake reflection, but, the Dorian GrayII applet can not have a foreground overlay. So does this rule out the Dorian GrayII applet? Not at all! - The Dorian GrayII applet allows some special effects which the others can't do. Let's look at the features of each applet and compare them:
David Griffiths Lake Applet Dorian GrayII Lake Applet Fabio's AnLake Applet
Allows a transparent foreground image  Has a rock effect - see an example

Allows an underwater effect 

Allows the picture to be used as a link 

Applet can be manipulated by JavaScript

Background image can be animated example
Reflected image can be different to the background - example

Other Java effects can be applied to the background - example 1 - example 2

Background sound can be added to the applet - double click on the water to hear the sound. 

Background colour while loading can be changed from the standard 'java grey'. 

As an alternative to sound, the applet can be use as a link.

Allows a transparent foreground image 

Allows an animated foreground image 

Precise control over waves - perspective, speed, wind and far wave size, making it ideal for rivers as well as lakes. 

Animated text overlay possible (scrolling or zooming, both horizontal and vertical) 

Applet can be used as a link

How to use this applet How to use this applet How to use this applet
Where to get this applet Where to get this applet Where to get this applet
See another comparison of the three applets

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Where Not to Use the Lake Applets

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JayDax gives full credit to the authors of the David Griffiths Lake applet, the Anfy Java AnLake applet, the Dorian GrayII applet and the Alcsnow applet.  The snow scene image was taken from K.L. Designs. Construction, text, and other graphics were by JayDax.
David Griffith Lake Applet        Fabio's Anlake applet         Dorian GrayII applet         Alcsnow applet       K.L. Designs
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