Publicising Your Website
Try the following:
  • Put your World Wide Web address ( and your e-mail address) on all your correspondence.
  • Use a signature file for your e-mail program and make sure that it includes your World Wide Web address.
  • If you advertise by conventional methods, put your World Wide Web address on that.
  • Make sure each page has a descriptive title in the header. Put the <title>  tag right after the <HTML> tag. Beware! Netscape Composer and Mircorsoft Front Page will move the title tag to a lower, less effective positon.
  • Make sure each page has the following META tags:   
    • <META NAME="description" CONTENT="$05.00/page!! Superior, low cost, affordable web page construction services and web site development. Low cost Java Effects and DHTML. Free Web Space if suitable"> This is the description of one of our pages, make the description fit your own page.
    • <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="low cost, web hosting arranged,affordable, web site development, design, domain registrations, domain transfers,Java effects,Java applets,Javascript,Site management,Web page design service,Webpage,site construction, Setting up a domain name, e-mail, free advice service, How to do Java effects, animated graphics service, JayDax,search">
    These are the keywords to one of our pages, but of course, they have to be relevant to the page the keywords are on. Such as, if your page content is concerning dogs, you would not put keywords like - cat,fur,meow,cat food etc...rather you would use dog,hair,bark,purina,dog food,bone, etc...
    •    <META NAME="AUTHOR" CONTENT="Your name goes here">
    •    <META NAME="COPYRIGHT" CONTENT="Your company name goes here">
    •    <META NAME="rating" CONTENT="General - or what ever your site is rated as">
    •    <META NAME="resource-type" CONTENT="document">
    •    <META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="10 days">
    •    <META NAME="ABSTACT" CONTENT="Low Cost Web Page  and Web Site Design Service">
    •    <META NAME="EXPIRES" CONTENT="01 Oct 1999 12:00:00 GMT">Update this as necessary.

  • Make sure that the first few lines of your page contain a sentence that contains as many of your keywords as possible.
  • Try to put something on your web site which will capture people's interest and keep them coming back again and again. A free gift, a game, some frequently updated information, one of the best, 'morally',  is a virtual card or flower service.Yes, JayDax has it too!  :)
  • Construct a funny or entertaining or sentimental page with a link back to your home page and get it picked up by Stumble Upon, Digg or other such site..
  • Submit your web site to search engines for inclusion in their databases - some web sites will help you do this free
  • Submit your web site to the major search engines at the very minimum, but, don't expect to see a vast increase in traffic to your web site for at least three weeks. Understand, submitting your site is not enough. You need to know the proper way to configure pages in order for search engines to index them properly. To make matters worse, different search engines need different configurations. There is just NO way that you can configure a page to guarantee it a top ten placing in ALL the search engines, unless your webpages are the ONLY ones on the net, talking about 'Eisenhower's toupee collection', or something else totally obscure. Some promotion software will attempt to do the hard work for you - for the most part, they're a waste of money. The only one we've found of any use is 'Web position' . We used Web Position and found it very effective. By using it we learnt a lot and now get even higher ratings by hand coding. We still use the reports and updates on search engine changes produced by Web Position.
  • What is Web Position? - click here to find out more, or for your convince, you could download a trial version here for free.
  • Add a button such as this one 
    to your web pages, to allow your visitors to send your pages to someone else. You can find the code for this here.
  • When you surf the web, sign the guest books of places you visit and make sure to include your own URL.
  • Consider advertising your site on the world wide web. This can be very cost effective on a search engine.
  • Construct a banner for your site, which is simple, yet eye-catching,

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    then join a banner exchange program such as Link Exchange. There is one at the top of this page.

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