Getting on the Web
Before you go on the web have a think first about why you want to do it. Ask yourself some questions:
  1. What new information am I going to add to that already available on the World Wide Web?
  2. Is my information accurate?
  3. Is my information entertaining?
  4. Am I creating a presence on the web to advertise my business?
  5. Am I offering a service on the World Wide Web?
  6. Do I have the time to keep my information up to date?
If you can't answer yes to at least one of the first five of these questions then maybe you should reconsider before you add a page to the World Wide Web.

Web pages basically fall into three categories, those of the individual or organization, academic pages and those of commercial firms. Each has a lot to offer and a lot to gain by publishing pages.

  • The individual may promote their hobby or talent and in doing so gain a clearer understanding of  it.
  • An organization can promote itself and inform the general public.
  • An academic institution can promote itself and share or publish knowledge at low cost.
  • A commercial firm may advertise it's products or services and target this advertisement at those who need to see it - far more effective than blanket advertising in the media.
  • A commercial firm may use it's pages to sell it's products or services.

What ever you offer the World Wide Web you first need to get a web site and publish on it your pages. Which web site you should use depends on your requirements.

If you are a private individual
You can probably get a free web site which will fit your requirements. You will get a URL which shows the free web site domain e.g..

Either your ISP will offer you free space or you can get free space from an organization such as one in the table below.


Xoom unlimited Geocities 12mb Angelfire 15mb
Freeyellow 12mb Tripod 50mb Easy Space 25mb free - more for a fee.
 Zyweb 4 web pages Fortune City 100Mb  Cybercities 25mb free - more for a fee.
Virtual Avenue 25mb free Free Community Website Webjump - 25mb free -(only allows 1mb transfer per ISP/24hrs.)

Perhaps the easiest of these to use is the Zyweb site, however this site is limited to creating only 4 'pages' in it's free membership plan. Xoom and Geocities both offer simple web page creation but Geocities now inserts a Geocities logo in the bottom right hand corner of the page and opens a advertisement window also which gets irritating after a while!

All the free web sites restrict their users to non-commercial use and forbid what they consider unsuitable material (that doesn't mean however you can not find this on some of their pages). Most of the free web site organizations will request you purchase web space if your site becomes too popular and receives too many 'hits'.

A Night in the Forest - Brandi's Web Page

If you are an organization or commercial firm and want simply to advertise
You will probably be better off by buying web space and your own domain name. You will get a URL such as

You can buy your web space through your ISP or the commercial areas of 'free web page' organizations or from one of the many firms which sell web space. If your web site becomes extremely popular you may be better placing a server at your ISP's location or even obtaining a permanent connection to the World Wide Web via a leased line.

If you are a business you may like to consider getting someone else to manage your web site for you, thereby taking a lot of the load from you.

Friends of the Earth - Greenpeace - Dr. Pepper - Hershey's -

If you are a commercial firm and wish to sell on the web
You will be better off by either placing a server at your ISP's location or by using a leased line connection to the web to your own server. Once connected, you may advertise your products, take orders, take credit card payments, respond to customer enquiries and collect information from the public and from your staff. To do this properly you will require a full time webmaster. This is not a cheap option but could potentially increase your sales and give you access to a world wide market.

If your firm is well known you will get lots of visitors, if not, however, you will need to find some way of attracting visitors to your website. Many firms do this by offering a free service of some kind.

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