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Java Applet Effect
Creation of a Java applet effect (e.g. lake applet, huerot applet, snow applet and others).

Standard Applets - no overlay
Lake Applets
Snow Applet
Huerot Applets
Book Flip Applets

33.00 (about $63.00 US)
Overlay Applets - available with lake, huerot and snow
Complex (involving tracing around small images such as grass, twigs etc... )

44.00 (about $84.00 US)
55.00 (about $105.00 US) to 75.00 (about $143.00 US)
Combination Applets (where a lake applet is used with another applet to create a special effect, such as the snow lake). Please note, it is normally not possible to use an overlay on the lake. 68.00 ($130.00 US)

Other Applets

Panorama Applets

E-mail us with your requirements

3 or more applets - 20% discount. This applies to subsequent orders also.

Anfy applets:
Some effects are best done by using the anfy applets. Such applets may optionally be registered with Anfy so that they can be used as a link rather than the viewer being directed to the Anfy site when clicked on. Registration involves a one time fee ($20 US as of Sep. 2009) being paid to Anfy.

The applets, images and HTML code will normally be supplied as a zipped file with full instructions for inclusion in your page but, for an additional 10.00 ($10.00 US), will be inserted into your existing web page and uploaded to your server. We can also convert the applet to a video format suitable for editing and uploading to Youtube

To cover our costs we normally ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid before starting work on a new project.

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Prices are correct as of August 2006