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JayDax CIC have been working with computers since 1981. Together, they have been designing websites since 1997 and have produced a number of personal sites as well as commercial and e-commerce sites.

JayDax was founded in the UK, moved to the USA then, Canada and finally relocated back in the UK.

JayDax are experienced in HTML, DHTML, CGI/Perl, Databases,Java applets, JavaScript, Stylesheets, Secure Server transactions, and E- Commerce form processing. They have worked with and are familiar with the construction of animations and animated gifs using, Director, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, Animation Shop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and Image Ready.

JayDax take advantage of state of the art technologies and construct web pages using either, Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand or Fireworks, and hand tune them using a raw text editor. Websites constructed are validated for browser compatibility and clean XHTML coding, so they will be functional in the various browsers available for the Web.

JayDax Designs listen to clients and help them choose the website package that is best suited for their needs. They construct your website as simple or as complicated as you desire with little difference in cost.

JayDax are a husband wife team, (John and Shelia Chapman), and understand the importance of working closely together, to produce a quality, effective and eye pleasing website with as little download time as possible.

Back in 1997 John used the chatname 'Jayrc' and Shelia used the chatname 'Commander Dax'; from these two chatnames came 'JayDax'.
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About Us

How we work
This and other pages were produced using Macromedia Dreamweaver. We still use a text editor, (our favourite is Edit Plus), to hand tune our pages however.

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