The Viaduct
Yarm Viaduct and Bridge
The Viaduct
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With the dawn of the railway age, a new era of construction began. This viaduct was constructed in 1852 and contains about seven million bricks. It's purpose was to carry railway traffic across the River Tees at Yarm and in it's time, was one of the greatest engineering works ever constructed. Incidentally, did you know that Yarm holds a place in history for being the birthplace of public railways? A meeting was held in the George and Dragon Pub there in 1820, which led to the first public railway in the world, between the towns of Stockton and Darlington.

In the background can be seen Yarm bridge, which dates from 1400, at one time the lowest bridging point of the River Tees and the limit of the tidal section. Beyond that, you can see Egglescliffe Church on the hill.

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