Lakeside Hideaway

How Can I Keep From Singing?

A Quiet Water Scene

  . .

The midi you are listening to, 'How Can I Keep From Singing', is by Enya.

Find out more about her and her music here

Original Art by: Thomas Kinkade.
Many thanks to Mr. Kinkade for allowing us to display his breathtaking art on our site
Thomas Kindade website.
Find out more about Thomas Kinkade and his art there.
Traditional Shaker Hymn

Now what's wrong with this picture?

  • The two ducks, though flying, don't get anywhere
  • The smoke from the chimney doesn't move
  • There's a one pixel gap at the bottom of the picture which shouldn't be animated
  • The shoreline in front of the boat isn't quite right. It seems to hang over the water
  • The boat should be moving slightly