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After we started using the Dorian Grey II applet with animated images I quickly realised that it would be possible to produce two applets one on top of the other.

We had already experimented with the ALC Snow applet and I decided to try using both together to produce the effect of snow falling on a lake.

Dax was convinced I was wasting my time but I figured that if I speckled the source of the lake applet with just the right amount of snow then, because of the ripples in the lake, no one would realise that the snow over the lake reflection would be actually falling upwards!

So here on this page is the Web's original Snow Lake applet. We did it back in 1998 and followed it soon after with a tutorial. Now I see not only are many others doing the effect but there are other tutorials on doing it too! (None, I think, as good as my original.)



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Favourites 4 - Snow Lake

The Edge

You can find out how this page was done on our snow lake tutorial

I stand at the edge of forever

Reaching out with all my might

Pinning your sweet surrender

Longing to hold you tight

I feel myself start to sway

As we intertwine to one

You take my breath away

As love's victory is won.
Original poetry 
© by JayDax 1998


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