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Britney Spears :

It would seem that from this time forward, things for Britney started to go down hill. Britney and SeanShe couldn't seem to say or do anything right to satify her press. Britney was scrutinized constantly by photographers eager to catch any mistake she might make however big or small and plaster it all over the headlines. It would seem that having another child so soon after her first had caused her to 'fall from grace' so to speak with the paparazi.

In Feb of 2006, Britney was seen driving with Sean Preston on her lap instead of in a proper car seat and the sparks flew with alligations in the tabloid that Britney was making careless mistakes and not being a good mother. Britney's explanation of, "I see a bunch of photographers and I’m scared and I want to get out of the situation... They’re coming up on the sides of the car which is a scary situation for me... so I get my baby out of the car and I go home”, didn't seem to make any difference. They had been searching for a smoking gun and used this incident to launch an all out attack on her that has been ongoing to date.






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