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Britney Spears :

In Novemeber of 2001, Britney hoped the 'Dream Within a Dream' tour would help to promote the album. The tour, which grossed over $53,000 in the US, began in Columbus Ohion on 1 of November and ended 28 June, 2002 in Mexico City where she was forced to cut her last Britney Spears - Dream Within a Dream Tourshow short due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Cutting the show short greatly upset her audience - they booed her as she was leaving the stage. You would think they would have had more consideration for her safety and respect that she had even attempted to perform under such conditions in the first place.

The show, which was more elaborate and theatrical than her previous shows featured a key-shaped stage that allowed her audience an all around view. There was also a platform fittied with a huge rain screen that poured down over 500 gallons of water. Perhaps this had something to do with her having to cut the show short? Who knows.

Also, it is worth nothing that during this time, Britney four-year relationship with Justin Timberlake came to an abrupt end on the suspicion of infidelity. Most of this was fueled by the 'Cry Me a River' that Timerlake put out during the time. Although the video showed Timerlake kicking a cracked picture, he denied the accusation that the picture was intended to be a representation of Britney.






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